Battle Ready!

Be Battle Ready!

Welcome to BATTLE READY!


BATTLE READY is an effort of the Camp Gargano mission to encourage and strengthen the body, mind and soul for the day to day battle.

I guess you could call BATTLE READY a cyber platoon of warriors that share a few common understandings.

1. We are all part of a spiritual battle that carries with it enormous consequences in this life and in the next.

2. There is a need to train the body, mind and soul for this battle and be prepared for the fight.

3. There is a need to pray for and support fellow soldiers in the fight.

It’s simple. As a man you were created by God to be a fighter, a protector, a defender. You say you’re a lover not a fighter. I say that if you love, then you will fight for what you love. You will provide for what you love. You will defend what you love. If you are a priest or husband/father then God has placed under your care other lives, other souls. If you are a young man who has not yet found your position then these days should be understood as a time of training. Most young men do not take this seriously which is why so many guys end up with messed up lives. Divorce, addiction, abusive relationships and destructive behavior are the obvious trainwrecks, and they’re everywhere.

It is your duty to fight for those under your care and that fight invloves much more than than just protecting them and providing for them in this world. The real enemy we face is an enemy of intense darkness. The fight we are engaged in is against a saboteur who seeks to lay waste to everything good and noble.

When you sign up for BATTLE READY you will receive:

* Regular e-mails and periodic videos designed to encourage and strengthen you in the day-to-day battle.

* Information on new materials like DVDs, CDs, books and more that will assist you in the battle.

* One mass a month will be offered for you and everybody signed up for BATTLE READY.

* The prayers and support of others who have joined the ranks of BATTLE READY.

If you are a lady you can benefit from BATTLE READY as well. A woman has a powerful influence in the life of a man. She can build him up or tear him down. I encourage you to sign up the men in your life or forward the BATTLE READY e-mails and videos to them to help them in the fight.

There is no sign up fee. There are no requirements. We only encourage you to try to remember everyday to pray for those who are in the ranks of BATTLE READY. One of the things we all need is the strength and support of fellow brothers on the battlefield.


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5 Responses to “Battle Ready!”

  1. Sharon says:

    Thanks for including the wives of the “warriors”. Even though we encourage and stand by our husbands, we also have a unique fight to promote a health family lifestyle to wives, who tend to “run the rat race”. Being a Warrior of faith extends to the entire family. We also have decided to adhere to small ways of your creative uniform– My husband could wear camo, but I have decided to wear the dog tags with some Catholic emblem or saying, or bible verse impressed upon. I can put them on my key chain, purse or another visible part, where they can be a silent evangelization. The purse tabs are an excellent source, since we (wives) usually notice each others purses ;)

    As for the children, they can be warriors for healthly family game nights, fellowship events and other programs. They can put them on their backpacks and keyrings for lockers etc.

    Thanks again for such a great show. Maybe you can offer them as a purchase for a Religous Catalogue item? or Life on the Rock items?
    Sharon and David Brewer
    p.s. Have any Pet Rocks? Would make a good paper weight and reminder to tune into the show every week :) .

  2. Cody Stutzman says:

    I am a leader of a men’s fellowship and discipleship in Northern California. i would like to thank you for putting this together,and all that you do to build up the body of Christ and your focus on the men of the church!

    In my Prayers
    to Christ threw Mary.

  3. James says:

    second term –

    And now, the unraveling… the spiraling into darkness.
    But let the servants of the LORD come forth in great strength, the army of Light (of Love).

  4. Melanie Hauf says:

    I am a mother of 2 teenagers, and I want them and all Catholic youth to be Battle Ready!

  5. Mrs. Farrell says:

    Great job! Sent to all my male family & friends.

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