RADIX is a Latin word that means “root”.  It is the “root” word for the english word radical.  The definition of radical is to get to the heart or the root of something.  Founded by Doug Barry in 1991 the mission of RADIX has always been to encourage and inspire as many people as possible to go to the heart of a relationship with God.  Prayer, sacraments, the word of God, the mercy of God, these are the great and powerful gifts that we have been given to enrich our lives.  But there are countless lives who do not know them.

There is a challenge that we all face in our world.  Since the time that Christ walked the earth His truth has been under attack.  The enemy of salvation is greatly threatened by the truth of the Catholic Church.  It needs to remembered that while we have the promise of Our Lord in Matthew 16 that the gates of hell will never prevail against the Church, that does not mean that the truth of God cannot be lost in the heart of each man or woman.  We all have a responsibility to take the gospel of Christ to the world in whatever way God has called us to do it.  We all have the duty to defend the truth of Christ.  There are generations to come that are depending on our vigilance today!  They are counting on us to pass on to them the truth that sets us all free.

May it always be remembered that YOU ONLY PRESERVE THE TRUTH THAT YOU DEFEND! 

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