BATTLE READY - Are You Prepare For The Fight?



Welcome to BATTLE READY!


BATTLE READY is an effort to encourage and strengthen the fighting spirit in all Christians, especially in men! The God-given role that men have in this world as the spiritual head of a family or as priests, bishops and religious brothers etc. is enormous. We men need to strive always to be men of faith, prayer and action! There is a real spiritual enemy that seeks to destroy those who have been given to our care. We need to fight for their lives and for their souls.

When you sign up for BATTLE READY you will receive:

* Regular e-mails and periodic videos designed to encourage and strengthen you in the day-to-day battle.

* Information on new materials like DVDs, CDs, books and more that will assist you in the battle.

* Three masses a month will be offered for you and everybody signed up for BATTLE READY.

* The prayers and support of others who have joined the ranks of BATTLE READY.

There is no sign up fee.  There are no requirements.  We only encourage you to try to remember everyday to pray for those who are in the ranks of BATTLE READY.  One of the things we all need is the strength and support of fellow brothers on the battlefield.


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