Study sessions

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Study sessions

Mr. Robinson was her history professor. As soon as Jessica entered his classroom he had taken a great interest in her. She had a killer body, long lean legs, /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass, nice firm breasts. The outfits she wore were not only scandalous but they just emphasized her looks. There were days when Jessica would wear short skirts and Mr. Robinson would have sworn she wasn?t wearing any panties. It was difficult to lecture a class while trying to control a hard on at the same time.

Today, was no different, she walked into class wearing a rather revealing blouse and a short skirt. She sat down in her usual seat in the front and he was positive she was in commando today. He could feel himself rise below the belt and he heard her giggle just then. It was like that the rest of the class, Jessica teasing him with shots in between her legs every now and again. Though it was hard to concentrate on what he was saying he didn?t complain. 

Jessica was just like every other girl on a college campus. She worked hard on her academics, she did party some but she would only hook-up with a guy that really interested her enough to pursue him. Mr. Robinson indian santali xvideo was a man who was very interesting. Always wearing nice shirts and neck ties plus the cologne he wore was intoxicating. It was a good thing Jessica could hide her arousal. 
Today, she was positive he had seen in between her legs. As soon as he had seen her ?/surprise/">surprise?, his pants started to rise just a bit and she couldn?t help but let out a little laugh. She decided to mess with him a little by giving him little peeks of her pussy when she would cross and uncross her legs. 

After class was over Mr. Robinson decided to do something about Jessica once and for all. 
?Jessica will you please see me in my office now please.? He said very loudly so everyone could here. 
?Yes sir, Mr. Robinson, but whatever for?? She asked innocently.
?I need to discuss a matter with you that cannot wait.? He said. They entered his office and both took a seat. 
?Do you know why I called you in here Jessica?? He asked her.
?I think so, does it have to do with the way I dress sir??
?Yes it does, you?ve been wearing rather provocative clothing to class the entire semester.?
?Do you dress like this in your other classes?? He asked.
?No professor, just yours.?
?And why is it that in my class and no one else?s??
?Well, sir my other teachers aren?t as attractive as you are.?
?I see and do you think it is appropriate to wear that type of attire in my class?? he asked.
?Yes, I do sir.?
?Why do you think it?s appropriate??
?I?ve been trying to get your attention Mr. Robinson and from what I could see today I think I did.? She said rising towards him.
?You?ve been getting my attention all semester Jessica, it?s just today I?ve decided to do something about it.?
?And what do you plan to do about it Mr. Robinson?? Saying while sitting on the edge of the desk, playing with his tie. 

?Oh I?ve got a pretty good idea of what I?d like do about it.? He reached out for her and placed his hands on her butt to move her off the desk and into his lap facing him. She unloosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, slowly running her hands over his broad shoulders. She moved her hands over his chest and over the little hairs that were there, then moving lower to his abs. She thought if his upper body was this nice what did the lower part look like. He pulled her blouse over her head and unhooked her bra then threw it across the room. He moved his lips over hers just hovering then moved to her neck to lightly brush them against the hollow of her throat. She tilted her head upward to give him more access to her exposed skin. He trailed his lips to her chest; then he kissed the top of her breasts, licking around them. He reached her nipples and began to lick them as well. He flicked them with his tongue and taking each one in between his teeth to lightly tug on it. He then began to suck on her breasts as she started to undo his pants. She slid her hand down his trousers and stroked his semi hard on, as he moved one of his own hands underneath her skirt. His fingers went inside her and he rubbed her clit gently. Then his fingers moved in and out of her while she was stroking him faster. 

?I want you now professor.? Jessica half whispered, half moaned in his ear. She stood up in front of him and slid off her skirt, and then his slacks were removed. She straddled his lap and moving her hips into a slow /sensual/">sensual grind. He caressed her back and every now and then let his hands move over her ass. Her breasts grazed his chest every time she leaned into him and he continued to suck and lick on her breasts. She increased her rhythm a bit and felt his hands grab her butt and push himself deeper into her.

?Mmm, professor I like that, grab my ass tighter.? She requested and he was happy to oblige. She moved even faster on him when he had fistfuls of her ass in his hands. She needed to fuck him faster than this, if she was going to orgasm. So she turned around sitting on his lap facing away from him. She slowly moved up and down on him while he massaged her breasts and kissed her neck sensually. Her rhythm quickened and soon she grabbed the arms of the chair for support. He grabbed each side of her hips and had her bouncing on his /erection/">erection like a pogo stick; she was bouncing so much her breasts were everywhere. They both let out a loud moan of release and Jessica sat on his lap with him still hard in her feeling his hot juices overflow within her. She leaned back against him resting while he caressed her breasts and kissing her neck sensually. 

?You?ve been the best student I ever had.? He told her, and they both agreed to meet once a week for a ?/teacher/">teacher-student study session?. 

Next week for class Jessica wore a tight white skirt with another low cut top. He had seen her black thong peeking out of the back of her skirt. Mr. Robinson was wearing black slacks that made his derriere totally grab able, and with a royal blue dress shirt with a matching tie. As soon as Jessica stepped into class she smelled his scent, she glanced at him and just wanted to jump on him right then and there, but that would cum after class she thought smiling as she went to her seat.

As soon as his office door was closed they were at each other like animals. Her shirt flew off her and landed on a globe, and then her bra was next. His tie hit the floor then his shirt came off. He picked her up and put her on his desk. and then took her skirt off, and then slid her thong off. He moved his mouth to her lips then to her neck and then downward till he was at her hot spot between her legs. She spread her legs wide for him and he responded to it. He licked the outside up and down and then past her lips. He licked around her clit and lightly touched it with the tip of his tongue and then he took it into his mouth to suck on it. Jessica at this point had lay back on the desk, her back arched; almost going insane from the pleasurable torture he was giving her. She grabbed his hair and dragged his lips back up to hers and kissed him while unzipping his pants at the same time. They were both naked and she was begging to have him enter her. She grabbed his manhood with her hand and stuck it into her heated volcano as she lay back on the desk again with her hips hanging of the edge. He took the initiative and grabbed them and moved in and out of her. With one hand he moved it inside her again to stroke her clit. He rubbed it slowly as he continued to thrust inside her, and then began to tug gently on it and she arched her back.

?Oh Mr. Robinson,? Jessica moaned. He stroked her faster and was rewarded with loader moaning.?Oh, yes professor like that, oh fuck ? She screamed as her erupting orgasm over powered her. She lay on the desk heaving from their session.

Mr. Robinson wasn?t in class for the next two weeks and Jessica began to worry not just for her sexual deprivation but because she was truly thinking something happened to the professor.

Jessica walked into class the next week and saw Mr. Robinson was there today; thank goodness she thought to herself, she was beginning to have ?study session,? withdrawals. 
?Jessica, after class I need a word with you about your term paper.? He said
?Alright, Mr. Robinson,? she said trying not to sound excited. Today, Mr. Robinson slammed the door to his office and had Jessica pinned up against the wall devouring her mouth. 
?I?m sorry I haven?t been here, I was at meetings and then flew to a conference at last minute.? He explained as he took her top off, and bent down to push her skirt up to her waist and thought thankfully she wasn?t wearing any panties.

?It doesn?t matter; you?re here now, let?s get back to fucking.? She said pulling him by his tie and leading him behind the desk and pushed him in his office chair. She tugged his tie off and unbuttoned his shirt. She started kissing his mouth then moved to his collar bone. Getting to his chest she licked his nipples and moved downward to lick his muscular stomach. With the tip of her tongue she licked his treasure trial downward to the /surprise/big-surprise/">big surprise. Looking up at him she could tell he wanted to take control so /bad/">bad, but right now, it was her turn. She unsnapped his slacks and zipped them down, she slid them off of him to expose a very excited Mr. Robinson. She started licking again starting underneath his bellybutton and slowly moving lower. She stopped right before his warm shaft. She then took the head just in her warm mouth and with the tip of her tongue she made little circles with it. Then trailing her tongue down to the base then back up to the head. She heard him let out a sigh and grab the arms of the chair as she proceeded to take more of him in her mouth but not all yet. She took him in half way then went back up to release and repeated a few times. She lifted her eyes to see his head back and eyes closed. Then she took him in her mouth once more but sucking deeper as she went. She sucked slowly and sensually at first then began to go faster. 

?Oh god, Jessica,? he moaned as she went faster and taking him all into her mouth. She moved her hand to play with his balls; this sent him over the edge. She could feel him getting ready to explode, but she kept sucking and massaging his equipment. She heard him moan loudly as he exploded in her mouth and she took all of it. After he relieved himself she gently took her hand and stroked his member and it slowly rose again. Jessica rose and couldn?t hold in her desire for him, she practically threw herself in the chair with him and kissed him with all her might. Mr. Robinson picked her up by her hips and moved her to the desk while knocking things to the floor. She positioned her ass and hips on the edge of the desk and lifted her legs so they where straight in the air with her ankles on his shoulders. He entered her with deep thrusts and gripped her ass with every push. She then brought her legs around his waist, as he was still thrusting into her. She lay back on the desk and squeezed her legs tighter alain lyle porn around him as he pushed into her.

?Faster, faster professor,? She moaned loudly. He turned her around to enter her from behind. He grabbed her breasts while in motion. He then bent her over the desk to get more penetration and acceleration. She grabbed the end of the desk with both hands as he took each side of her hips to drive his dick in faster and harder. 
?Oh, oh yes, Mr. Robinson, yes do it harder ? Jessica screamed. He bent her over the chair grabbed her hips and drove his straining erection in hard and deep to fuck her brains out. The only sounds they heard were Jessica?s loud moans and the professor banging her from behind. They were both building to an explosive orgasm. 
?Oh, oh, yes, give it to me, just like that.? She whaled. With one mid-blowing thrust they both came holding still as Mr. Robinson gushed his essence all in her. After the session she sat in his lap while both were naked and worked on Jessica?s ?term paper? all day.