I helped her just as much as she helped me part 1

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I helped her just as much as she helped me part 1

This is just part one of my first story. Im not too sure how it will go down being my first so if if you like it give me some feedback and i shall post the rest!

Hey, my name is Bella and this is my story of how me and my /friend/best-friend/">best friend Lily became closer.

Lily was hot, and when i say hot i mean HOT! Lily was a little taller than me with long, dark curly locks and piercing green eyes. She was thin but perfectly toned which a round firm butt and 32 DD. Where as I have deep big blue eyes and shorter /blonde/">blonde straight hair. Im a little more curvey than Lily with a 34 F bust size.

It would be fair to say that at school i was always "the friend". Nobody ever looked at me the same way they did Lily she was always the apple of everyones eye. Thats probaly how she became a pornstar. Boys were always drooling over her at school and she loved it. I remember countless sleepovers where she would come over and tell me about a /boy/new-boy/">new boy, the way he touched her and how she made him scream. It was never weird because shed always make me laugh. However i had never anything to say on the whole sex subject because id never had it. Not that i didnt want to i just never found anyone id wanted to do it with untill. .

Me and Lily had gone shopping as usual and stopped at our favourite coffe shop. Shed been telling me the latest gossip of her erotic work life when she said shed been asked to star in a /lesbian/lesbian-porn/">lesbian porn shoot.

"What do you think i should say Bell?" Lily asked me.
"Ermm, i dno its up to you really." I replied my cheeks starting to blush.
"No but really, ive never done anything like that before and i wouldnt know if id be that good. With a boy Im totally confident but a girl? I need practice really."
"Your always confident though and Im sure youd be great! Well i guess well just have to stroll the lez clubs now that your gonna become one!" I started to chuckle.
"Are you just saying that to make me feel better? Ahh bell you do make me laugh! But really youd come with me? I mean if not then would. . . . Ah it doesnt matter." She turned her head and pretended to look in her bag. This was weird what was she going to say?
"Whats up?" I asked puzzled about the sudden weird atmosphere this had never happened before.
"Nothing, anyways Ive got to get off now, Ill text you later." She smiled kissed me on the cheek and left.

I was shocked. What had just happened? Had i offended her? I didnt know what to think so i ordered another coffee and sat thinking about what she had wanted to say but obviously what she had been so embarrassed too. Did she want? Yes that was it, she had wanted to practice with. . me? Id never really thought about having sex with girl i mean i hadnt even had sex with a boy! But sex with Lily my best friend? I guess it would be ok i mean shes helped me out with loads of things and loads of people have lesbian encounters and this one wouldnt even be that weird? Or would it?

As i sat there mulling it over i thought the only way to sort it out would be too text her:
"Hey Lil, i dno if ive got the wrong idea but did you want to practice with me? X x"

I hit send quickly regretting it straight away. What if she didnt and meant something else, what if she said she didnt want to. My pants had started to get wet and i realised that i wanted her to say yes. I wanted to touch her, kiss her, id never felt like this before about anyone as if it had took this to make me feel like the about Lily. My phone vibrated in my hand sending a shiver through my body. I bit my lip had i just ruined things?? I turned my phone over, one new message from Lily. I clicked open:
"Well yeah i guess i did but were best friend so i didnt want to /freak/">freak you out, sorry. X x"

Did this mean she still wanted to? I replied quickly:
"If you want me too i will? X x" I started to get excited i hope she said yes. My phone went off again another shiver pulsed through my body.

"If you dont mind? Fancy coming round to mine about 8 tonight ;). X x"

I laughed i was going to lose my v tonight, with a girl not any girl but my best friend! I wanted to look sexy if i did. I hit the nearest lingerie store and picked out some lacy black pants and matching bra and got some suspenders and stockings with a lace trim round the top. After that i raced home and jumped straight into the shower. I decided opt for a totally shaved pussy instead of my usual tringle trim. As i razor glazed over my pussy i couldnt help but tremble. Thinking of Lily. I couldnt wait. I jumped out the shower and finsihed getting ready.

Lily only lived a ten miniute walk away so by ten to eight i decided to take a final look in the mirror by the door. My blonde hair was volumised and shiny, Id found my new tight black dress that hugged my curvey figure tight. It just finished above my stockings so you could just see the top of my stockings. I had choosen some black heels to finish off the outfit. I felt a bit over dressed than normal but something felt different. There was a glint in my eye and i liked it. I gave my lips a final coat of red gloss, got my coat and headed out the door.

I had forgot how cold it could get later on and every gust of wind made my body tremble. I was so nervous what would happen? I really wanted her now but would our friendship be ruined? I guess only time will tell.

Opening the gate i saw her stare a me from the window she bit her lip and i could tell she liked what she saw. It was weird nothing like this had ever happened before. Then before i knew it she was waiting at the door.

I stepped into her house it was different this time. I heard the door shut, well this was it. I turned round as i was doing so she pulled off my coat. I hadnt really looked at her but then realised she had got dressed up too. Well saying that she was only wearing a short silk dressing gown i could see the bright prink of her bra through it. Her hair was in rough curls, she looked soo sexy. And i couldnt take my eyes of her boobs i just wanted to grab a hold right there and then. I must have been starting at her boobs for too long as she caught me and smiled.

"Damn you look good Bell. But then i guess i must too from what your looking at!" She started to laugh then so did i, it eased the tention anyway.
"Thanks Lil, so wheres my hug?" We always hug when we meet i didnt see why this time should be any different.

Quicker then i realised she pulled me into her arms barely giving me time to breathe. Lily began to rub my body, I was getting wet already she was such a minx. I looked into her eyes and she was looking into mine, I longed so much to feel the plumpness of her lips on mine. Then i tilted my head forward just as she did. Our lips touched sending a wave of happiness and longing through my body. We opened our eyes i knew she felt the same. She pushed me and my back hit the wall. We laughed and kissed passionately this time. As if we had missed out on years of this i couldnt wait till we got to the bedroom.

Her silk dressing gown seemed like too much material for me so I pulled on the strings and watched it fall the floor. Her body was so sexy ive seen her getting changed before but never really admired her like this. She gave a spin: "Like what you see?"
"More than you know." I laughed.
"Now its your turn." With this she pulled my dress over my head.
"Woahhhhhhh, Bell your /gorgeous/">gorgeous and your all mine."

Lily lead the way to her bedroom not that i didnt know but i liked the way she held my hand and also it gave me a good view of her bum. Her peachy rear waited to be kissed i just wanted to reach out and xxx grab it. Before i knew it we were there. Lil pulled pushed me onto her bed and sat up on my stomach. I could feel her wetness through her panties she must of guessed and blushed a bit.

"I cant believe it Bell"
"Whats wrong i asked?" Had she changed her mind.
"Your making me nervous, i never get nervous but it feel so good and i guess i want you so /bad/">bad.
My face relaxed "Same i cant believe its taken till now and i cant wait any longer so we better get practing." I winked at her.

With that she bent down and began to kiss me again like she had done just before. Her hands stroked my face and mine began to run through her hair and stroke her back. I could tell that she liked it as she began to grind on me. Then her tongue pushed into my mouth and we began french kissing. I pushed her head closer to mine i was so turned on right now all my sexual frustation just had to be let out, i needed her i wanted her.

She broke the kiss and began to slowly kiss down my neck. I started to moan how could it feel this good. She reached the top of my breasts and reached round to unclip my bra. It came undone and she threw it across the room. Gently taking one of my 34 F into her mouth she sucked it. I arched my back while she began twiddling the other. Then swapping making sure she gave both of them the same amount of time. After that she started kissing down my stomach. I was so hot and my pussy was even hotter. Just before she reached it she stopped. "You smell so good babe." She kissed my pussy. A shot went through my body. I wanted her to fuck me, fuck me so bad. But then she carried on down my leg untill she reached my heel and pulled it off. Lil did the same with the other.

With that she sat up and put her bra over her head her beautiful boobs pouncing out. I went to touch one when she pushed me back down. I knew she was teasing me but it made me want her so much more. Wearing just pants she stood up and pulled the down sexily. My first fuck my /best/pornstar-best/">pornstar best friend, could life get any better?

Her panties fell the floor too then and she porn videos download began to crawl back up the bed. Her head hovered about mine. I pulled her down we kissed again harder and more urgent then before i needed her, she needed me. I felt hands move down my body and she reached my pussy. Moving the wet balck lace she shoved two fingers straight in. That was it shed done it my first orgasm i would never forget that. My body shook with exstacy of the moment. Her fingers began pumping in and out me i couldnt help but moan out loud. I was tell she was getting wetter too as she moved her head to my ear and started whipsering: "Bell your a naive little virgin well no more." With that she shoved harder and broke my hymen. The pain and the pleasure was unbarable and my breaths came in sharp gasps. She didnt stop though and i didnt want her too. I could feel myself building up I knew i was going to cum. She knew this too with her free hand she pinched my clit and i came long and hard. Her movement slowed and she pulled out her fingers she licked them. "Ooo bell you really do taste as good as you smell."

With that she climbed off the bed and headed towards her en suite. Sexily she turned back: "Well arent you going to join me? I need practice in the shower too."
"That was all i need to hear"

** Thats the end of part one, like it and want to hear some more then just comment and ill post the rest up. Hope you enjoyed love Bi x x