The Park5656

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
The Park5656

... I have just enjoyed a fantastic cup of coffee and I'm not ready to call it a day. I walk a few blocks and jump into my waiting car.

I decide to take a drive out of town and proceed to travel along a dirt country road ... it's still warm outside and I have the window rolled down. I drive for about 20 miles and then see a small sign at the side of the road that gives directions to a park nearby. I decide to pull into a gravel road leading to the park's entrance.

Once I arrive, I notice that it is quiet . No one is here. Having already traveled this far, I decide to stick around a while. I get out of my car and seeing a small path leading into the nearby woods I begin walking ...

Soon I begin to hear the rush of a gurgling brook and the rush of water from a waterfall. I head toward the sound that leads me to a small pond with a waterfall visible on the far side. I take a seat on a nearby fallen log and gaze at the waterfall. It's a peaceful atmosphere ... warm with a slight breeze and no distractions.

Feeling warm, I remove my shirt ... my shoes ... my pants. I am wearing nothing but a pair of sheer black briefs. My cock is clearly visible through the thin fabric. I'm relaxed ... enjoying the sunshine.

Then there is a loud splash!

I look up ... seeing the outline of your body gliding across the water. You are completely nude ... enjoying a dip in the cool water. I am pleased with the sight of you ... so angelic. 

You don't seem to notice I am at the edge of the pond watching you ... You swim for a few minutes and then you go to the edge of the pond and rise up from the water. You are standing there ... droplets of water are running down the length of your body. Your ass is firm and your breasts are round with hardened nipples.

My cock is swollen ... it wants to feel your pussy wrapped around it. I reach xnxxv sunny leone video down and begin stroking my cock.

Then you turn ... you see me. But, you are not startled. You smile and begin to walk towards me. My cock gets harder as you walk closer ...

You stop in front of me and kneel down. You don't utter a sound. Still smiling you grasp my cock in your hands and begin to tease the tip with your tongue. Mmmmmmmm ... it feels so good. You rub my cock and then pre-cum appears at the head. I look down to see your eyes twinkle and your body seems to glow in the sunlight. Then, you place your mouth on my cock and begin to suck ... slowly at first and then begin going faster and faster. I lean forward and slap your ass, which seems to send you into a frenzy. You suck harder and faster ... trying to swallow my cock.

It feels so good and my breathing increases ... mmmmmmmmmmm ... Ohhhhhhhhh ... my Cum explodes in your mouth and you swallow it up, licking my cock clean.

Once you have finished you lay back onto the soft, green grass. Your eyes are begging for my touch. I kneel down in front of you ... my lips begin to trace the insides of your legs ... so soft and smooth. I reach forward, cupping your breasts in my hands and begin rolling your nipples between my fingertips.

I smell the scent of your pussy as I get closer and closer to your treasure ... then I begin to tease your clit with my tongue. You squirm with delight. Then I insert my tongue into your pussy so I can taste how sweet you are. My tongue darts in and out of your pussy and I lick your pussy faster and faster. You swivel your hips to match my rhythm as I eat your beautiful pussy. I bury my face in your pussy real forced anal against her will ...

Mmmmmmmmmm I insert a couple fingers as my tongue continues to tease your clit. You are enjoying it. I can tell and my cock begins to harden again. Your hands reach forward and begin stroking my cock. Shortly it is fully erect again and you pull me towards you. I insert my cock into your wet, warm pussy.

I begin to fuck you ... hard and fast. Sweat pours down my face and chest. Your pussy feels so good wrapped around my cock. You begin to tremble ... you moan ... your fingers dig at my back. In a matter of moments you ... I can feel your cum as it is released by your pussy. It is warm. The quick, hard motion of our fucking makes me cum again at the same time.

We are tired and worn. I collapse and roll onto my side. You stand up ... walk to the edge of the pond, turn to smile at me and then dive in. I close my eyes for a moment and begin to fall asleep. I turn long enough to see you swimming toward the waterfall. Then you disappear underneath the cascading water.

This is the last time I ever see you ...