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I went to see her for the /first-time/">first time. I knocked at her basement door and she opened and let me inside. The basement was dark with a sole light in the back corner. There was a bench, a rack, ropes dangling, and closets. The rest of the room was wide open and carpeted. She said, "call me /mistress/">mistress, Naughty Slut." I looked around sheepishly and she said, "look at me."

I looked at her piercing eyes and she said, "now take all your clothes off and put this on." She handed me a white, terricloth robe. I was cold and she noticed and said, "you little boy, well warm you up presently." I waited for what seemed an eternity and she took me by the hand and led me to the rack furniture.

She laid me sexxxx video ful hd on the rack and then put three pillows under my hips and buttocks and I felt the blood flow to my /ass/ass-cock/ass-and-cock/">ass and cock and hips. The robe opened of its own accord and I moaned as Mistress caressed my belly and thighs and ass and she murmurred, "oh, baby look how ready, willing and able you are." "Hmm," was xxx sex video download free com all I could say. She walked to the back closet and returned with a rather large tube of lube and a glass piece, which she stroked and said, "my beautiful juicer." And she put the piece in my mouth and said, "now wet it real good, suck it baby."