The Party

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The Party

Everyone was dancing to the music, a couple of joints smoked had made everyone feel great. Beer flowed and the night went on. Slowly people began to sit down on the couches and started to get intimate with each other. I was left dancing with Uta, she was 6feet tall, blonde hair and had a drop dead gorgeous body. Her tits were firm and her ass was perfect. I am only 5ft 11in tall but a good physical body due to my rugby days. I was proud of my body and especially my cock, 7 inches long and a good few inches larger in girth than the average.

As the others seemed to be engrossed in their own kissing and fondling on the couch, Uta seemed very turned on by this and moved in on me. She brought her arms around my neck and kissed my neck. I could feel the heat from her tits, now against my chest. Running my hands from her hips up her sides, my thumbs brushed the edge of her breasts, before I put them behind her andcaressed her back. My cock began to stir with the thought of being with this girl, she moved closer and I now could feel her leg rubbing against my now very /cock/hot-cock/">hot cock. She looked at me and bit her bottom lip, her breath short and wanting. Still no words had been spoken, we let our bodies do the talking. I decided to make a move to see her reaction, I slid one hand onto her firm ass, and the other I brought around her waist and cupped her left breast in my hand, squeezing ever so gently. She gasped and jumped back, shit I thought, too much too early. She came forwards into me again, grabbing my hand and placing it back on her tit, squeezing hard as she did ??Sorry?? she said ??Caught me by /surprise/">surprise??, I said ?this feels incredible, I never thought you and I would be here, now, like this?? Her hands were now around my waist as she smiled and said ??If you think that feels good, you should try the rest?? and ran her hand onto my crotch rubbing my now /large/large-cocks/very-large-cock/">very large cock through my trousers ?? I can feel you like it, I like it and I want more?? She was wearing a short black backless dress, and I could tell now by the size of her nipples she was incredibly turned on. ? I need a drink?? she said and we went into the kitchen, like a puppy dog I followed panting at the sight of her ass in that dress. She had her back to me as she looked through the fridge for some beer, I walked up behind her and grabbed her hips, my cock bulging through my trousers now firmly against her ass. She wiggled against me and stood up, still facing away from me she reached back and placed her hands around my neck, my hands went around her to her tits. She blew out a huge sigh and said ??looks like nothing in here??, I replied ?? Yes but there is something back here?? I slipped one hand inside the back of her dress to her ass, then followed her thong to her very hot and /wet/pussy-wet/very-wet-pussy/">very wet pussy. No hair, wow I thought, this could be a very interesting night indeed. ??Home run /boy/big-boy/">big boy?? she cooed, as i felt her clit. I began to rub her very gently, up and down, circles and then I popped the tip of my finger into her pussy. God it felt hot. She reached back, undid my flies and grabbed my cock, massaging it through my shorts.

??It?s no good in here, I?ve got to get you away from here so I can have you in my own way?? she said, ??Well they?re all either asleep of occupied?? meaning the other /party/">party goers ?? we can slip upstairs if you want?? I said. With that she turned around, kissed me passionately on the lips, still holding my cock in my shorts and said ??Lets go then??.

All the way up the stairs, she looked back at me with that vixen smile, I caught her pussy scent on my fingers, god she smells good I thought. We went into a bedroom, and she spun me around so I was facing away from her. She locked the door so our fucking wouldn?t be disturbed, not that either of us would have cared. She stood behind me and unbuttoned my shirt, throwing it across the room. I tried to turn around to carress her as she did it, she said ??No, I?m in charge, you?ll do exactly what I want here OK??? , ??Sure, but god your turning me on?? , ??Thats the idea?? she replied. She undid my trousers from behind, and allowed them to drop, I stepped out of them and turning around I was met by a sight which nearly made me cum right then. She was naked, standing there with one hand fingering her pussy. She was loving it, teasing me, my cock was throbbing with anticipation. She stepped forwards and pulled my shorts down, my cock sprang free. She knealt down and took my shorts off, her lips parted as her face came back up. Heaven, she licked the end of my cock and then ran her toungue down to my balls, ??I hope you have enough for me Martin?? she said as she grabbed my cock, ??It will, it will, god you can suck a cock??, she slid half the length into her mouth, withdrew and then slowly took the whole thing into her mouth, I was truly in heaven. She gorged on my cock sucking, kissing and deep throating it. ?? Can I taste you now?? I asked, ?? Maybe later, I?m in charge remember??? she white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie said. I closed my eyes, feeling every /fantasy/">fantasy coming true and she ran her tongue down my cock to my balls.
Finally she stood up, pushed me backwards onto the bed, she got into the 69 position and finally I could see what I wanted, her pussy. It was so wet and so hot, I ran my tongue over her clit, she shuddered, i opened my mouth fully and engulfed her cunt and her clit with my lips, bringing them together over her clit. Her mouth was now fully over my cock, sucking my pre-cum carefully not to lose any. My tongue probed inside her oozing cunt, licking her juices as they dripped onto my tongue. At the same time she was moaning deeply with every thrust of my tongue, her mouth full of cock. She stood up and turned around , now straddling my cock. With one movement, she sat down impaling my cock deep into her cunt, ??fuck, that feels good?? she said ?Ah oo ah arrh? she mumbled every time she went up and down on my cock. Her pussy juices were running down my balls and she neared her own climax, my self control was withering at the sight of this hairless pussy riding my cock, her tits bouncing with every movement. ??I?m gonna cum?? she said, her pussy tightening around my cock, more jiuces flowed making it slip and slurp, she bucked and bobbed and cried out as she came, then stopped moving. Leaving me deeply inside her cunt I was now wondering how I would finish, she said ?? Now the fun starts??. She rose slightly off my cock, reached between her legs and grabbed my very wet cock, as it left her cunt she moved it to her ass, surprised by this I grabbed her tits and squeezed them, feeling the hardness of her nipples as she guided my cock to the entrance to her ass, she gently sat back allowing my cock to push against her ass, I could feel her muscles relax as she sat down again on my cock. A look of extreme pleasure crossed her face as I entered her ass, so soft and inviting. She sat fully on my cock in one movement, and immediately gasped. She rocked her hips back and forth, slipping me in and out of her /ass/hot-ass/">hot ass. She was in total control, but I wasn?t. The feel of her ass around my cock sent me to the edge, ??God I?m going to cum soon, deep in your ass?? I said ?? Not yet you?re not? she replied and she sat down hard on my cock. She reached down and grabbed my balls hard, ??I?m not finished with you yet?? For a few seconds more she squeezed my balls hard and I felt the edge go away, she was totally in control. ??Better now??? she asked ??much thanks, now what do you want me to do oh /master/">master?? I said , ??Get behind me and make my ass /raw/">raw??. She got off and got onto all fours, not wanting to dissapoint her, I knealt behind her and rammed my cock into her ass, slamming my body into her with every movement, she played with her own clit as i moved , ??God yes that?s good, harder, harder?? she screamed. Obediently I kept up thisrhythm for a few more minutes before she bucked her back and had another orgasm. She trembled for a few seconds and then arched her back so she could reach my face, she kissed my lips and said ??Now you can cum??. Her arms were around my neck as I leant over her back, banging my cock deeply into her ass, she now felt like silk. My cock began to swell deeply in her ass as I felt my own orgasm coming, harder and harder it got. Suddenly she moved forwards, making me slip out of ass, quick as anything she turned around, pushed me onto my back, and deep throated my cock straight from her ass to her mouth. She wanted my cum desperately as she sucked greedily and wanked my cock while it was in her mouth. I felt the waves of pleasure start inside my balls and my cock was now rock hard, ??I?m cumming?? I said, fully expecting her to pull off my cock. She kept sucking, gripping my /cock/cock-hard/">cock hard with her hand, she looked at me with her mouth full of my cock and smiled, never missing a beat. My cum exploded inside her mouth, she moaned deeply and lapped every drop up, it felt as thoughI was cumming for ages. She licked and sucked for a while then came up to my face and kissed me deeply, her tongue tasting of my semen. We kissed for ages while our bodies relaxed. Uta said ?? Lets go to my flat, I want some more fun?? , ??What about Louisa, your flat mate, won?t she mind being kicked out?? Louisa and Uta shared a one bedroom flat, ??Don?t worry about that?? she said, ??you?ll be surprised at how accomodating she is when it comes to my sex needs?? I wonder what she means by that, ??Interesting?? I said, ??You have no idea what could happen when we get home, big boy??

When we arrived at her flat, the sun was well up now, Louisa was already making breakfast by the smell of the cooking. What I didn?t realise is that Louisa didn?t really stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv care for clothes while she was in the house, so when we walked into the kitchen, she was there butt naked. A gorgeous 17 year old black haired beauty, she had done somemodeling in her past so her physical attributes were perfect. She turned round, and just smiled and said ??Hiya, you guys look like you had fun, mind telling me about it?? Uta walked in behind me and said ?? We won?t tell you, we?ll show you??

To be continued...